The Power of Silence and Calming Breathwork

It’s an hour before I am to host a Women’s Circle for my group here in Spain. We just had a mind-blowing, delicious Italian lasagna for lunch. And I feel like my head is going to pop off.

These weeks have been amazing but also incredibly intense. Being an introvert, I NEED time alone.

No matter how much I love this group of 15 gorgeous women, alone-time is like oxygen to me.

And I’ve reached my boiling point already a few times this week. I’ve cried at least twice – in public. 

Group activities, my own work, setting up a new project, stepping/shooting out of my comfort zone… it’s a bit too much at times.

Luckily, I’m placed in a like-minded group of people. We’re basically the introverted rebels of this whole program. 

So, I leave lunch early to retreat back to my room. My sweet little safe-haven, offering me a panoramic view of the Galician mountains.

I sit in my chair, close my eyes, and start crying.

I’m thinking of cancelling the Women’s Circle and leaving this program. This is not working for me anymore, I’m knackered. 

Then, I breathe.

I inhale four counts, exhale eight. A few rounds more.

I relax my shoulders. Relax my face. I feel my feet connected to the floor. My hands on my thighs.

And I’m back again.

I realise, THIS is what people need. We all need a few moments throughout the day where we can just be quiet. Alone or together.

Why calming breathwork is important

In that silence, especially when combined with calming breathwork, lies the power to heal. It’s a chance to reset and re-energise.

After a few more rounds of breathwork, I feel ready to rejoin the group.

I make my way down to the common house, and start preparing the space. I arrange the pillows and place some flowers in the center.

Everyone starts chatting again, asking me how they can help. Questions and suggestions come my way.

I stay calm. I delegate tasks. 

We may be running late to start, but that’s okay.

I go with the flow, start preparing the cacao for the ceremony, and breathe through the high-pitched noises around me.

Someone brought their kid for a day, he’s screaming at the top of his lungs. I could easily get distressed by this, but I don’t. I’m in the zone. I’m calm. 

I head upstairs, and I warmly welcome everyone into the Circle.

We meditate together. We sing. We dance. We meet ourselves, we share, and we cry.

Soul-to-soul talks, there’s magic happening.

We’re connected to something greater than ourselves. Something that urges us to embrace our True Selves. I feel it. I know it.

And I want to offer this transformative experience to others.

I want people to feel the same magic I experience when I breathe. When I practice yoga. When I feel connected and loved.

That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I’m here.

Women’s Circle ~ 17 June The Hague

I’m excited to share that a brand new project, aimed at facilitating this kind of transformation, is just around the corner.

But if you’re eager to experience something similar sooner, I am hosting another very special Women’s Circle in The Hague on the 17th of June.

For more information, you can find all the details here: