The Break Fellowship: My Biggest Lesson So Far

In my previous blog post and podcast, I mentioned my participation in The Break Fellowship, a EU-funded business program for female entrepreneurs residing in the EU.

The program entails two months of online webinars and mentoring, plus a one-month immersive experience at a co-working spot located in Spain.

My group (15 women in total) is based in a small village in the mountains of Galicia. And with small, I mean small. Twenty inhabitants in total.

Absolutely love it.

I’m actually writing this from one of the co-working houses, with a breathtaking view of a vast green valley and spiky mountain peaks in the distance.

It’s everything I’ve wanted for a long, long time. Minus the drilling in the background right now (they have to get some work done on the houses), but hey, nothing is perfect.

The power of community

Being here is absolutely amazing. This whole program is pretty amazing.

But you know what I think the biggest value is of this program, or any program?

The community.

The energy of other people you vibe with, motivating you, lifting you up, making you see things – in yourself, in your business – that you otherwise can’t see.

It’s like they remove a blindfold you didn’t know you were wearing. They help you see your worth, your options, your limitless potential.

Having self-doubts is human. Everyone has doubts about something in their life. A few years ago, mine were so strong they made me quit teaching yoga.

I just thought I wasn’t good enough. Students would come up to me with the most beautiful comments, but I didn’t hear them.

I heard them, obviously, I wasn’t deaf. But I didn’t HEAR them. My self-doubts were too loud.

Something in me felt unsafe. Being away from home and living on the transient island of Bali might have contributed to this feeling.

If you don’t have an anchor within yourself or a steady social network, you feel adrift.

This can be freeing, as it was for me in the beginning. But after a while, it wasn’t the best for my mental health and self-confidence.

When I moved back to Europe a few months ago, I started teaching again. Somehow, I feel compelled to teach, to share the power of yoga, since it helped me so much throughout my life.

And I’ve done a lot of soul work and self-development over the last few years, which has made me understand my mind and body better. The negative thoughts have become quieter.

What also helps, is that my students tell me that they find my voice very soothing and that they love my classes.

I’m extremely grateful and happy to hear that, and it motivates me to continue and share the magic of yoga.

I think I had to go through this process, to get where I am today, wanting to help other solopreneurs grow their self-confidence and do what they love despite their fears and self-doubts.

Because it’s truly all in our heads. Sure, there are always people that don’t resonate with you or your teaching style, or any other business you may have. That’s okay.

You don’t need to be perfect; neither does your business

There are also always ways to improve, things to study and develop. You will never be perfect. Or, you are perfect – in all your imperfections.

The same goes for your business.

The other day, during a facilitation group, each of us shared a business problem while others provided feedback and ideas. I suggested holding one, as I had been longing for such an opportunity for quite some time.

Honestly, this has been the most valuable experience for me so far. I received some extremely solid advice from my peers on my programs.

I also learned that your offers can ALWAYS change, as you change as well. They don’t need to be perfect. Your business doesn’t have to be perfect.

Just like humans, businesses are always evolving.

Weekly Soulpreneur Circles

I’ve noticed other entrepreneurs feel the need for these kinds of facilitation groups as well.

A need for connection, sisterhood, support, accountability, and feedback from peers.

So on July 7, I’m launching a weekly online group program (Soulpreneur Circles), designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

We’ll start each session with a meditation practice and breathwork to ground ourselves, feel more present, and become better aligned with our higher selves.

It’ll be followed by a sharing circle, aka facilitation group, where you can present your problem or project and receive feedback and input.

Learn more about this program or apply now.

Free 7-Day Breathwork & Journaling Challenge

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