Day 7 ~ Confidence Booster

Kapalbhati & Action Plan

You made it!! Welcome to the last day! 🥳

Today we focus on taking action. We’ll do an energizing breathing exercise, called Kapalbhati.


If you’re pregnant or on your period, it’s best to avoid this exercise. You can always practice belly breathing instead.

  1. Take 5 minutes for this breathwork meditation
  2. Find a comfortable seat
  3. Press play

Kapalbhati stimulates the abdominal organs, improves blood circulation, energizes the nervous system, and uplifts the mind.

It can be hard for beginners to feel comfortable doing Kapalbhati, so if you notice any discomfort or tension, please come back to your natural belly breath and relax your face, jaw, and shoulders.

Action Plan

Imagine that today is the perfect day to stop dreaming and start doing. What would your next step be?

Then write an Action Plan.

  • Write down specific steps you can take to start achieving your goals. What small steps can you take – even if you don’t have everything you need yet? For example, if your goal is to create a product or a new service, write down steps such as researching your target market, creating a business plan, or networking with other entrepreneurs.

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