Day 3 ~ Confidence Booster

Box Breathing & Reframing Your Limiting Beliefs

Welcome to day 3 of the challenge!

Today, we’re going to choose one of the limiting beliefs you identified yesterday, and reframe it. So grab your notes from yesterday, and pick a belief that you want to challenge.

Reframing Your Limiting Beliefs

  1. First of all, thank all of your thoughts for being there. They mean you no harm.
  2. Now, write down evidence that supports the more loving thoughts. For example, “I’m passionate about personal training and I have developed effective tools to help myself and other people get fit and healthy”. 
  3. Write down a new belief that is more loving and empowering. For example, “I am capable of starting or growing a successful business with focus and dedication”.

Repeat daily. Read your new belief every day, and repeat it to yourself as a mantra. 

Remember, reframing your limiting beliefs takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and keep repeating your new belief until it becomes a natural part of your thought process.

Box Breathing: calming and grounding

When you’re ready, let’s go to the breathing exercise. Today, we’ll do Box Breathing, which balances your nervous system and helps you deal with overwhelm and panic.

  1. Take 5 minutes for the exercise
  2. Find a comfortable seat
  3. Press play

See you tomorrow for Day 3: Box Breathing & Reframing Your Limiting Beliefs.

Wishing you a wonderful day,