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Hi, I’m Jess.

Author. Content Writer. Yogi.

I write about the use of yoga for personal development, emotional management, and physical wellbeing.

Author of ‘Het genot van goeie shit’

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eenzaamheid bali

Loneliness in a paradise like Bali

X25 May 2021
Loneliness. What a shitty word. What a shitty feeling. The thought that no one cares about you. That you have zero friends. That there’s no one thinking about you. That
online cursussen om thuis te doen

15 Online Courses To Take At Home

X23 July 2020
Are you feeling bored, being housebound? Or are your partner/kids all up in your face now 24/7? Whatever your situation, these bizarre times are not easy on anyone. We all