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Hi, I’m Jess.

Writer. Yoga Teacher.

I help people use yoga for personal development, emotional management, and physical wellbeing.

The Joy of Good Shit (available in English 2021)

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jessica scheper

10 Easy Mindfulness Exercises To Chill The F Out

X6 May 2018
More and more people are starting to practice mindfulness. That doesn’t surprise me, considering the huge number of people with stress-related health issues, such as burn-outs, depression, and anxiety. In
quinten jacobs

DREAM CHASER: Quinten Jacobs

X21 March 2018
Quinten Jacobs is a young and super talented Dutch creative who recently made the decision to chase his dream and become a professional photographer. His photos are breathtaking, his adventurous,
tracy gray yoga


X11 September 2017
Tracy Gray decided 8 years ago at age 39, to turn her life around and swap her IT career for a yoga teaching career. With 3 kids, she manages to study everything there is to
nikki stevenson

DREAM CHASER: Nikki Stevenson

X2 August 2017
Nikki Stevenson runs her own business in yoga mats and yoga clothing. A true entrepreneur, she’s a rad surfing yogi from Australia, based in Bali. Nikki is also a yoga teacher