The Joy of Good Shit

Jessica Scheper

Flow Into Joy

Discover how to balance your body and mind with yoga and Ayurveda. 

*10% of profits go to MIND and Bali Life Foundation

the joy of good shit

This book

  • Shows you how to transform pain into something beautiful
  • Tells you how to turn your vulnerabilities into strengths
  • Helps you get out of your head through mindfulness, breathing exercises, and yoga
  • Explains how panic attacks occur and how to stop them
  • Shows you how to positively influence your mind with nutrition
  • Contains 17 Ayurvedic recipes for good digestion and a strong immune system
  • Inspires to simplify and enrich your life
  • Tells you how to turn your critical inner voice into a loving power coach
  • Teaches you how to find peace and quiet in a hectic world
  • Promotes authenticity, sincerity, and connection

*10% of profits go to MIND and Bali Life Foundation

Reset your mind. Your gut. Your life.

Have you ever felt the pure joy of producing a solid turd after months of diarrhea? 

I have. And I was so joyful that I decided to share my story with the world. Now don’t you worry, The Joy of Good Shit isn’t one big poop joke. It starts rather seriously. Get ready for it, because I’m about to shock you with my childhood trauma.

My story starts with the death of my father from depression (aka suicide, though I don’t like to use that word) some twenty years ago. 

I was seventeen at the time. How does a seventeen-year-old deal with this big of a loss? 

By partying and getting shit-faced.

Unfortunately, all the alcohol and lack of sleep—oh, and unresolved trauma issues—eventually led to depressive episodes of my own, as well as a panic disorder. 

Yet, despite my fears, I’ve always been a high sensation seeker and at twenty-six, I fell in love with surfing. This made me move to Bali, a mecca for surfers, where I became a yoga teacher.

My belly, however, disagreed. Throughout my late twenties and early thirties, it was a real shit show on the toilet. I tried everything from a gluten-free diet to paleo to a vegan diet. Nothing worked—until I discovered Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health science.

Turns out that the gut and the brain are very tightly connected. This is supported by modern research. Almost 70 percent of your immune system is housed in your gut. 

So, when your belly is upset, you can feel emotionally unstable, too. It also goes the other way around. Constant stress or trauma can heavily impact your gut health—and your overall health.

The Joy of Good Shit shows you how to bring your gut and mental health back into balance with Ayurvedic practices, recipes, yoga, and mindfulness exercises, so you can improve your wellbeing for the better.

The hottest book on mindfulness. If a writer isn’t afraid to write ‘I’m a bitch’, you want to read more. No idea if she is, but Jessica Scheper is definitely funny and original.

Maria genova, journalist and writer

A practical guide for people seeking a freer life

Open, raw, and unfeigned: The Joy of Good Shit takes you on an intimate, adventurous journey to a world free of limitations. 

  • How do you break free from imprisoning thoughts? 
  • How do you find the balls to do what you really want? 
  • And how do you find freedom from physical health issues, such as chronic gut problems?

In these bizarre times, where our freedom of movement is literally limited and fear reigns supreme, this book offers a way out–by providing a way in. 

The secret to breaking free lies in the smallest things, which you already carry with you unconsciously. Jessica helps you discover exactly where they are hidden.


What do anxiety, depression, and gut problems have in common? I’ll give you a minute to think…

All three of them thrive on bad shit (ba-dum-bum-CHING).

I know, you’re probably rolling on the floor laughing right now. But all joking aside, I’m finding it hard to write this introduction. Why, you ask? Considering that I’m doing so well? Well, because I’m afraid of what you’ll think of me. 

See, I’ve written a book about mental and physical health, but I’m neither a psychologist nor a doctor. I’m just a content writer and yoga teacher.

I have done a few things: I’ve taught yoga for five years, I’ve done several yoga teacher trainings and Ayurveda courses, I’ve worked as a Health Coach, I’ve completed a lifeguard course, and I have a Masters degree in Political Sciences. Oh, and I’ve been (ghost)writing researched articles on mental health and psychology for over six years. 

Maybe that impresses you, maybe it doesn’t. Fact is, you’re going to judge me and I need to deal with that. It’s okay though, I wrote this book from the bottom of my heart as a tribute to my family, friends and strangers who are struggling with mental health.

I wrote it for those who understand the heavy burden of living with depression, anxiety, and/or chronic gut problems. I wanted to share my story and, by doing so, hopefully help you. 

Hopefully, it inspires you to find freedom from whatever shit holds you down. Because I know what it means to live in a mental prison, where the sharp claws of fear, anger, loneliness and shame can hold you hostage in their grip.

I understand how your reflection can lie to you every day. The biggest lie of all: that you have to change who you are to become more attractive, smarter, stronger. The irony is that the more beautiful you strive to be on the outside, the uglier you feel on the inside. 

You try to look like a beautiful Bird-of-Paradise Flower but you feel like a Stinky Squid. You hide your spots and imperfections with foundation, instant fillers, and Insta-filters. Anything is better than showing your true colors. 

Sounds familiar? I know, it sucks, but the good news is you have the right book in your hands.

You hide your spots and imperfections with foundation, instant fillers, and Insta-filters. Anything is better than showing your true colors. 

het genot van goeie shit review

“Wow! I read it all in one go, I got completely absorbed by it. You really put yourself out there, which makes this book incredibly unique! I enjoyed reading it and I also liked the fact that you mention more than once that there isn’t just one solution. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends!”

Lotte VanHAlSt

Leadership coach

het genot van goeie shit review 2

“Jessica’s writing style is captivating, making me connect to her story. I follow her into the depths – and at times, that can be intense. But just as quickly, she brings me up to the surface. I don’t get stuck in the depths at any point, making it a pleasant book to read.”


About the author

Jessica Scheper (1983) is a Dutch content specialist, yoga teacher, and mental health advocate. At seventeen, she lost her father to depression. The consequences of that loss put her on the path of yoga. She freed herself from a panic disorder, depression, and chronic gut problems. A digital nomad and surfer, she loves to follow the sun.