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het genot van goeie shit

Now available in Dutch (click here )

(English version expected in March 2021)

Practical guide for a freer life

How do you break away from oppressive thoughts? How do you grow the balls to do what you really want? And how do you find freedom from physical limitations, such as chronic gut problems?

In this book, I speak openly about the death of my father from depression; how that loss led to my own depressions (plus anxiety and gut problems); and how I learned to manage.

I wrote it to share my story and hopefully help you. To free you from whatever shit is holding you down. Because I know what it’s like to live in a mental prison. How the sharp claws of fear, anger, loneliness, and shame can hold you in their grip.

Especially in these f*cked up times, in which our freedom of movement is literally limited and fear is on the rise, this book offers you a way out. The Joy of Good Shit is a practical guide for both adults and teenagers looking for a freer life. 

The secret of breaking free lies in the smallest of things, that you already unconsciously carry with you. I help you discover where they’re hidden. 

The hottest book on mindfulness. If a writer dares to write: ‘I’m a bitch’, you’ll want to read more. No idea if she is, but Jessica Scheper is definitely funny and original.

Maria Genova, journalist And Writer 

This book:

  • Shows you how to transform pain into something beautiful
  • Tells you how to turn your vulnerabilities into strengths
  • Helps you get out of your head through mindfulness, breathing exercises, and yoga
  • Explains how panic attacks occur and how to stop them
  • Shows you how to positively influence your mind with nutrition
  • Contains a dozen Ayurvedic recipes for good digestion and a strong immune system
  • Inspires to simplify and enrich your life
  • Tells you how to turn your critical inner voice into a loving power coach
  • Teaches you how to find peace and quiet in a hectic world
  • Stimulates authenticity, sincerity, and connectedness

Highly recommended

Wow! I read it all in one go, I got completely absorbed by it. You really put yourself out there, which makes this book incredibly unique! I enjoyed reading it and I also liked the fact that you mention more than once that there isn’t just one solution. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends!
Lotte Vanhalst
Leadership Coach

About the author

Jessica Scheper (1983) is an online yoga coach and writer. At the age of seventeen, she lost her father to depression. The consequences of that loss put her on the path of yoga. She freed herself from a panic disorder, depression, and chronic gut problems. A digital nomad and surfer, she loves to follow the sun.