Grow Your Business With the Power of Community

You’re a purpose-driven female freelancer or entrepreneur.

A “Soulpreneur”.

You mostly work from home.

Most days are excellent. You enjoy the freedom of running your own business. πŸ’ƒ

But on other days… you feel alone. Demotivated. Scared.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Are you making the right decisions? Are you even good enough to be doing this?

You end up putting things on hold because you don’t feel ready yet.

This is how it goes. Your entrepreneurial journey resembles an awkward dance where you take one step forward and two steps back.

I get you, girl! Honestly, what you need is SUPPORT. Feedback. Valuable advice from peers.

And sisterhood. Entrepreneurial sisterhood. πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

Break Free From Limited Thinking

I’ve been running my own business for several years now.

I started as a Yoga Teacher and Surf Instructor, hosted six Surf & Yoga Retreats, and then I worked online as a Content Marketer while living in Bali.

I did everything by myself. All the decisions I took on my own.

And that’s awesome. To even have the freedom to make your own decisions; that’s a privilege.

But it can also be a burden. It can hold you back, especially when fears and limited thinking take over.

Sometimes the burden of trying to figure stuff out by yourself, makes you feel brain-dead and like you’ve expended all of your energy and then you don’t have any energy left to tackle the rest of things. But having that collective energy and help from different people who’ve been through similar things, and moral support as well, I really like that.

Becca Evans, Freelance research manager

Grow Stronger, Together

Having the support of other female entrepreneurs is incredibly powerful.

There’s something about women joining forces that blows my mind every time. It’s like we’re suddenly able to tap into powers we didn’t know we have.

The world changes from a prison into a playfield in which anything becomes possible.

By joining forces, we can provide a safe space for encouragement, mentorship, and advice.

How Sophia Created Her Dream Business

A few months ago, Sophia, a freelance photographer, felt stuck.

She’s been photographing weddings for a few years, and didn’t enjoy it anymore.

Sophia wanted to combine her passion for self-development with photography.

But she felt scared. She didn’t think she was good enough, so she kept postponing marketing her new services.

With our Circles, I helped her connect to her purpose and find a place of inner calm.

Together, we created an Action Plan and a Marketing Plan to actually get her where she wanted (and needed) to go.

Within 5 weeks, she landed her first two clients.

The Soulpreneur Circles helped her see that one of the most important things she had to do was connect to herself and reach out to new potential clients.

From a state of love. Not fear.

“I loved the setting, because it was clear that everybody can talk about a challenge that they face. Everybody from all of these different industries provide feedback […], which is extremely valuable, because first of all, you, yourself, your team, whoever, is very focused on what you do. And it’s hard to think outside the box when you do your daily stuff, so I really appreciate all the random stuff that goes through your mind afterwards.”

ALEXandra Kick, co-founder

Get Out of Your Own Way

This year, I interviewed more than 30 entrepreneurs about the things that stop them from taking the next step.

The number one obstacle they face is themselves.

We seriously can be our own worst enemies.

And it’s hard in this world where you need to step up and showcase yourself or your products every single day.

Especially for those of us who tend to be a bit (or very) introverted.

As an introvert myself, I understand how challenging it can be to step out of your comfort zone and share your story and business with the world.

But you know what?

Having a group of supportive, non-judgmental female entrepreneurs around me has been the number one reason why I was able to make my business WORK.

Join Soulpreneur Circle

Ready to step it up and enjoy the transformative powers of community?

Become part of a wonderful group of soulful “biz-sisters” that inspire you, hold you accountable, and share their knowledge and experiences.

My ONLINE mastermind, aka Soulpreneur Circle, helps you to connect with other entrepreneurs and yourself.

Each session starts with a powerful meditation or breathwork exercise to reduce anxiety and feel more present.

Jessica taught me the importance of balancing relaxation, movement, and work to achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle. Each session began with some movement and breathing, which helped me focus and reflect on my progress and goals. Under her guidance, we worked together on improving my blogging skills, particularly in the area of SEO. I learned a lot from her. Jessica, thank you so much!

Wendy van Noord, CEO RIChting noord

What You’ll Get:

βœ… With the flexibility to sign up on a monthly basis, this program offers a perfect balance between ongoing engagement and individual progress.

βœ… The online masterminds (aka “Cirlces”) are open to women entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their businesses and willing to commit to at least four sessions a month.

βœ… There will be space for 5 women per Circle.

βœ… You can expect 1 x 90-mins group call per week, scheduled at a time that suits everyone’s schedules.

βœ… You’ll also get 1 x 60-mins private coaching call per month to discuss your mindset & marketing needs.

βœ… The Circles include meditation and breathwork to help you relax and connect with yourself.

βœ… I will provide support to address your questions and challenges during the calls and accountability check-ins.

Early Bird Price: Apply Before 7 July

The discounted price you see below is ONLY valid until 7 July 2023.

Apply before 7 July 2023 and enjoy this discounted launch price. After that, prices will go up.

Book your spot by applying and paying the first 50 EUR (link will be provided). The rest you can pay prior to joining.

Soulpreneur Circle

Weekly online mastermind, meditation, sisterhood & sharing.

Total: 350 / 190 EUR per month (Early Bird)

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