Hi, I’m Jess!

SEO Content Marketer | Content & Mindset Coach | Author

I help introverted entrepreneurs to focus and boost their online visibility. ๐ŸŒŸ

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1. Shine Your Light

You find it hard to share your story or promote your service-based business online. Or you just rather spend your time helping clients.

Let me do the work for you, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Jessica is so fabulous. She is so effective in her communication and always completes tasks on time. In fact, she goes above + beyond to contribute to this project with ideas, market insights, and trends. We are always excited to continue the partnership with her.

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2. Focus & Flow

You’re exhausted. But you can’t sleep. Most days feel like a struggle, and you’re stuck in fears, insecurities, or doubts.

With my private meditation sessions, I help you find a place of calm, focus, and balance.

I felt really calm after the session. I had this eye twitch for days, and it was extremely annoying. Thanks to our session, it improved significantly and stopped completely. Thank you!


3. Grow with Love

You’ve been running your own business for a while, or you’re thinking of starting one. And you’re craving a community of “biz-sisters” to inspire you and keep you accountable.

Join our weekly online masterminds for female entrepreneurs, and take your business to the next level.

Sometimes the burden of trying to figure stuff out by yourself, makes you feel brain-dead. Having that collective energy and help from different people whoโ€™ve been through similar things, and moral support as well, I really like that.


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