INTERVIEW: Rosa Winkel

Welcome to the first of many: DREAM CHASER. A series of interviews with women who are working hard to turn their dreams into reality. Women who choose their own path, who follow their hearts, run their own business, and do what they love no matter what.

Rosa Winkel

The first one to kick off this series is Rosa Winkel. Rosa is a Relationships Coach who’s living the dream in Bali, Indonesia. She runs her own business called Relationships That Matter, teaches Life Coaching classes, and is enjoying everything #BaliLife has to offer.

Tell us about how it all started. When did you know what you wanted and when did you decide to go for it?

Three years ago I was living in Holland, Amsterdam, and I had a perfectly nice life. I had a great job as a manager of a Waldorf Day Care, a beautiful apartment, great friendships, an amazing family, and I was dating. But, on the inside, I felt this life was not for me. I needed to break out, expand, and spread my wings.

As Holland was economically unstable, it didn’t make sense to quit my job without having a back-up job or plan. But, the voice within was louder and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Finally, after a year, I decided to quit. Then, I bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

My journey actually already started in the same year in which I decided to quit my job. That year I made a couple of trips to Bali, and there it was where I felt the urge to change my life and jump into the unknown. My one-way ticket eventually led me back to Bali. In Bali, I created ideas to start my own business to take myself out of the employee lifestyle. This was both the hardest and best decision I’ve ever made.

After my first business plan, I decided to leave everything in Holland and give my idea and intuition a try. It seemed to work out fine in the beginning and then everything collapsed. I was forced to commit to my new life by deciding to move forward and try again. Even though my money was finished, the voice within was louder than the reality of the situation.

I decided to go with my gut feeling and desire to break free, even though it made more sense to go back home and find myself a job again. When I made that decision, life responded. I found my true passion and was able to turn it into a thriving business.

I now live in Bali, have my own successful business ‘Relationships That Matter’, and work as a Relationship Coach. I coach women on how to strengthen their relationship with themselves, which helps them to become the person they’ve always dreamed of being. This way, they manifest fulfilling relationships for themselves and their loved ones.

What were/are the biggest obstacles?

Leaving my family and friends. Overcoming the relationship with money. Jumping into the unknown. Totally getting out of my comfort zone. Learning about the New Safety. The sacrifices you need to make whenever you decide to play the bigger game.

Show us a day in the life of…

I wake up every day at 6 am with the sunrise. I go to the gym or do my morning yoga and meditation. I eat breakfast and gaze onto the rice paddies in front of my door. Back in Holland I always dreamt about looking out the window to only see nature and nothing else. Now I do every day.

I kiss my beautiful partner, whom I’m madly in love with. I get on my motorbike after I’ve cuddled with my dogs. Off to my workshop on Mondays and Tuesdays at Eco Guesthouse Serenity in Canggu. I teach my 1.5hr class of Life Coaching, in which we work together on questions such as ‘What to do next?’.

It’s a wonderful class where people get to share what they would like to change in their life and how to get there. They love sharing their story, and afterward, some are ready to move forward with the work and sign up for the one-on-one Coaching Program.

Then I go for lunch to catch up with friends or to discuss business. It’s hard to choose between the many amazingly healthy restaurants that Canggu has to offer. After lunch, I have one-on-one sessions either at my house or via Skype with women all over the world.

At night, my partner and I have dinner at home or outside. Sometimes it’s cheaper to go out for dinner. No need for a jacket or scarfs, just put on a dress and flip-flops. I go to bed early to rise up early. One with nature.

What do you do to relax?

I meditate every day and sometimes do yoga. Besides that, I love road trips, massages, spa treatments, walks on the beach, playing with the dogs, enjoying sunsets, reading books, having wonderful conversations, hanging out with friends, traveling…

Once every three months we take a mini-break and do something from our bucket list. I also travel back to Europe at least once a year to visit family and friends.

How do you define happiness?

Freedom. Complete inner freedom by taking responsibility for your own happiness. It’s about filling up your own cup and loving yourself 100%. When your cup is full, it flows into your surroundings. Here I experience independence, a.k.a. freedom.

What are your biggest fears and how do you deal with them?

To not be able to continue my ‘work’ or fulfill my mission. Keep growing, trusting, following, and surrender to what is.

What are the best lessons that you’ve learned so far?

To listen to my inner voice and to trust myself rather than others, even though that can be hard in insecure times, and to not listen to the ones you love the most.

What keeps you motivated and believing in yourself/your business?

To know that this is my purpose, feeling excited about what I do 24/7, and getting energized every workshop and every single session. Seeing myself grow every day and just being honest.

Are there any dreams left that you plan to chase in the future?

Oh yes, I dream about becoming a better version of myself than the day before. I dream about building a village together with my partner, where we educate young and old on personal development, relationships, business, sustainability and health. It’s called Chewa village, which refers to the oldest and strongest tribe in Africa.

Any advice for anyone out there dreaming but not yet chasing?

Try to listen to the voice within, turn off the noise from outside, be on your own and then ask the question ‘Who am I and what do I really desire for myself?’. The first thing that comes up, is what needs immediate attention.