Bali Healers: My First Balinese Healing Experience

For a long time, I’ve wanted to try a Balinese Healing session. More so for the experience than anything else. So, last week I totally eat-pray-loved it. I was a 33-year-old Western single woman on a mission in Ubud, Bali’s center for healing. Elizabeth Gilbert would be proud. I visited one of the best Bali healers, and here’s what happened.

Meet Desak: a Balinese healer with electric hands

I actually contacted Desak because a Dutch, super down-to-earth, lawyer friend of mine told me about this Balinese healer lady. My friend had quite an intense experience with her. She told me that Desak has electric healing power coming out of her hands.

A little side note here. I do believe that you can feel energy going through your body because I can feel it myself whenever I focus or relax. It’s like a warm, tingling sensation that you have in your hands, feet or entire body.

But the electric power Desak was supposed to have, sounded surreal. The fact that it was my intelligent friend telling me, got me interested. I decided to check it out myself.

I sent Desak a message (she uses the electric power of WhatsApp) and Google-mapped my way to her home, 15 mins by bike from the center of Ubud.

When I got there, she was sitting on a little plateau in front of her small treatment room with her family.

“Hello, I’m looking for Desak”, I asked.

“Yes”, answered her husband, “come sit here”.

“Where are you from?”, asked Desak. I told her I was from Belanda (Holland), and after a bit of small talk, she asked me why I was there.

I told her I had some pain in my shoulder and in my left hand. This was true, but I also figured that a concrete thing like physical pain would be a good indicator to know if her treatment actually worked or not.

“Nothing emotional?”, she asked me. Well, I thought to myself, who doesn’t have any emotional stuff to deal with, so I said: “just to open my heart a little bit more” (and turn me into me a princess).

She explained to me that there are different kinds of energy in the world and in our body. It’s up to us to choose which one we use. Meditation is a good way to control emotions and use good energy. She told me that we have to “accept and love, not feel fear”.

Bali Healers: My First Balinese Healing Experience

She led me inside her treatment room: a small chamber with a massage table and a huge altar. Incense was burning and the room was decorated with pictures of deities and anatomical illustrations of the human body.

I climbed onto the massage table. And, just like a normal massage, she started massaging my legs with a nice Eucalyptus-scented oil.

She put her hands on my ankles, a normal touch at first. Then, suddenly, as if she’d placed jumper cables on my legs, I felt electric shocks coming from her hands. I looked up to see if she was holding some sort of device but there was nothing. Nothing!

I was in shock. Literally.

Only her hands on my skin. She didn’t wear any sleeves, so there was nothing she could hide anything in.

She walked around me, massaging my whole body. My muscles reacted to her hands as if I was having a seizure. I looked several times more, my hands were 10 cm away from my eyes when she had her hands on mine, sending those electric shocks through, and all I saw were her hands. No device, nothing.

This was seriously the weirdest thing ever. And kind of scary as well. Although I tried to ‘accept it’, I nearly freaked out when she got to my head.

When she moved her hands to my head, my mouth started to taste like metal. When she moved them away from my head, the metal taste went away. Then she got back to my head, and the taste returned.

This was normal she explained.

This was anything BUT normal, I thought.

“Do you worry about this being dangerous?”, she asked me.

“Yes. Is it?”

“No, no worry, this is safe. I treat many people, they all live”.

Oh, okay.

When she was ready, some 30 mins later, I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt so light, so full of energy and at the same time so confused.

What was that? I could swear she used a device, but I really didn’t see anything.

Anyway, whatever it was, I felt physically different. I came to her, feeling exhausted (had a long day), but I left feeling light, happy, and energized.

The pain in my shoulder and hand was still there though.

But, I woke up the next day, looked into the mirror, and there she was.

A princess.

Want to experience a healing session with Desak yourself? Contact her on Whatsapp: +62 81916233330.